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Weekly Fishing Report

Welcome Visitors to Jacksonville For Easter Week

Welcome visitors to Jacksonville for Easter week.  You have picked a perfect place to visit with lots of exciting things to do on your Easter break.  Consider a day of fun fishing with Cpt. George Strate and the Mayport Princess.  Check our photos from this week's trips on our weekly fishing reports, Facebook updates, and photo gallery.  We are catching great numbers of big beeliners, triggerfish, black sea bass, and more.  You will experience a great day of family fun and have some awesome fish to take home and eat too!   Please call us at (904) 241 - 4111 for additional information or to purchase tickets.  The cost is only $85 for adults for a full day of family fun.  There is a discount for children on the weekdays.  Have a safe, happy, and blessed Easter week with your families.

April Is A Great Month For Off-Shore Fishing

April is great month for off-shore fishing.  We have had some beautiful seas the last two days and it looks like we will continue to have great fishing weather through this weekend.  We have some limited space available for Sunday April 6, 2014 if you are looking for a great family day of fun.  We are catching limits of black sea bass and vermillion snapper, along with some trigger fish, and even a few cobia on the wrecks.  We also landed some nice almaco jacks on Thursday's trip.  If you would like to purchase tickets for Sunday's trip or for a future date (we fish seven days a week), call us at (904) 241 - 4111.  The cost is $85 for a full day of deep sea fishing fun with Cpt. George Strate.

March Ends with some Windy Weather

March ends with some windy weather.  It was disappointing not being able to take our local students who were enjoying their spring break last week deep sea fishing for a great diversion from the books.  However, we are all looking forward forward to calmer seas in the upcoming months of April, May and the remainder of our summer time fishing season.  We are scheduling trips seven days a week throughout the summer.  Weekends always sell out first, so if you need a weekend, call well in advance of your date to purchase your tickets.  The cost for a full day of deep sea fishing with Cpt. George Strate and the Mayport Princess will be $85 for 2014.  We do offer a discount for children on Monday through Thursdays throughout the summer.

March Fishing is Still Going Strong

March fishing is still going strong.  Attention all parents looking for a great way to spend a day of with your kids on Spring Break.  We are catching goods limits of sea bass and beeliners, along with some nice trigger fish, and even a few cobia.  The cost through March 31 is still only $80 for a full day of fishing fun with Cpt. George Strate.  Call us at (904) 241 - 4111 to purchase your seats.  We have some limited space left for this Sunday, March 23 and have trips scheduled every day next week that the weather allows!

March Fishing is Better than Expected

March fishing is better than expected.  We are getting some beautiful days with calm seas and Jacksonville residents are fired up about fishing in 2014.  Despite a very cold winter, we are seeing great catches of black sea bass, vermilion snapper, and trigger fish being brought home every trip.  Check out our photos on Facebook.  We are fishing weekdays and weekends.  Our next scheduled trip is this Wednesday, March 12, 2014.  Welcome to our out of town Spring Breakers and to Duval, St. Johns, Clay and and Nassau county kids who will be breaking between March 16th and March 30th.  Come enjoy a great day of family fun out on the water with Cpt. George Strate, Jacksonville's longest running party boat captain.  Call us for schedules and to purchase your seats on the Mayport Princess.  (904) 241 - 4111.  Cost for March is still only $80 for a full day of great fun.